Doing more with less has been the only constant during the evolution of human civilization. This has made it possible for huge population to sustain on this planet. We are by no means at a stage of declining productivity. As a matter of fact, the current generation itself has seen the pace of change in technology which was unimaginable earlier.

Construction sector has been somewhat slow on the productivity curve. Lean provides a framework for looking at construction that will enable doing more with less. It calls for a radical shift in the thought process that opens doors to enormous possibilities. It has the potential to transform our future and make it more sustainable.

Welcome to the exciting world of Lean Construction!

Mr. Sanjay Ubale

From the Secretory General Desk

The construction industry is undergoing many changes. With rising cost and un met timeline the challenges feed for developers and clients are numerous.

Lean provides a way to constantly monitor costa and timeline and catch problems early.

Lean construction tools like Last Planner and value stream mapping are being used more and more contraction firms to enable Lean Construction.

Mr. Prakash Patil